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Lyo’s Love for Leaping Reclaimed With Glucosamine Chondroitin for Cats

Lyo's Story

Here's Lyo's Story
From Our Founder, Ben!

I can still remember the first time I met my Lyo.

Out of a cat carrier, came walking this blue-eyed little gray fluffball.

He looked at me.

I looked at him.

And, immediately, I knew he was the one.

We've been inseparable ever since.

If the little guy isn't on my hip, he's jumping up on the windowsill because it’s his job to make sure nothing happens outside without his knowledge (he consistently wins “Employee of the Month).

He also loves his laser pointer, especially when he gets to chase it around the house at lightning speed! He’s yet to catch it, but Lyo is nothing if not optimistic about his prospects.

That’s why it was so hard when I started noticing that Lyo wasn't acting like his spry, fleet-footed self.

This was a couple years ago when I was living in a townhome that had a large window in the living room. That windowsill became Lyo’s office, from which he could perform his daily duties of making sure he saw everything that happened outside.

Despite his relentless dedication to this job, Lyo was always kind enough to jump down and come join me whenever I would sit on the nearby couch.

It was one of those almost unconscious habits that pets and owners develop with one another – part of our bond together.

So when I began noticing that Lyo was limping on his walk over to me — at first, I thought I might be imagining it. Sometimes, I can be a bit overzealous in the care of my cat (who isn’t?).

Lyo outside Townhouse

Lyo enjoying some sun!

But when I realized I wasn’t imagining things and that the limp was now interrupting this affectionate habit of ours, it was absolutely terrible.

Not long after, Lyo even stopped running around the townhome after his beloved laser pointer. The worst part about this was that I could tell he was still interested. He was still the same cat who always wanted to play. He had just accepted that he was no longer going to be able to do the things he – we – loved to do.

This was absolutely heartbreaking. The difference between Lyo when he’s his normal, energetic and playful cat self and when he’s struggling every day with a limp was just too much for me.

I knew I had to do something for my little guy.

So, I got busy. I threw myself headlong into research and, of course, spoke to my trusted vet about the problem.

What could I do to help my Lyo get back to running, jumping, and being full of energy?

The answer? Glucosamine for cats!

What IS Glucosamine for Cats?

Glucosamine for cats is an amino sugar that is absolutely essential to their cartilage health. Their joints require glucosamine to create cartilage, but it’s also a mild anti-inflammatory, which helps cats stay comfortably mobile. Cats’ urinary tracts also depend on glucosamine to help with protection.

Many cats produce a sufficient amount all on their own, enough to ensure that their joints are able to regenerate efficiently and keep their limbs moving without issue.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for all cats.

In cats who do not produce an adequate amount of glucosamine by themsleves, rapid cartilage degeneration is usually the result.

Lyo Cat close up

This adorable mug is what I wake up to everyday!

This is especially common in older cats.

That degeneration can then lead to their cartilage wearing down so far that their bare bones actually begin rubbing together. As you can imagine, this can be very painful for a cat. It can also cause stiffness and inflammation of their joints.

Not surprisingly, then, the outward symptoms of cartilage degeneration that you may notice your cat exhibiting include an unwillingness to play, jump, or climb. They still want to, of course, it’s just that the pain it would cause has become overwhelming for them.

In the case of my Lyo, it was especially noticeable that my little guy suddenly seemed to lose interest in playing, jumping, and climbing – his favorite pastimes next to staring at me until I wake up.

Again, this kind of thing is all too common.

As our feline friends get older, their bodies have a hard time producing enough glucosamine, which is why this painful predicament occurs in so many cats.

However, if you’re like me, you’re not going to simply sit by and let that happen to your little buddy.

Instead – just like I did – you simply need to make sure that they get adequate amounts of glucosamine in their diets.

I cannot tell you how relieved I was when I discovered that there is an incredibly easy way to do this.

You don’t need to switch cat food brands.

You don’t need to add something exotic to their meals.

There’s no messy topical solution.

You just need to give your cat a glucosamine supplement.

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Giving Lyo Our Specially Formulated Glucosamine Supplement for Cats

Aside from the fact that it actually works, the best part about this story is just how fast glucosamine works.

Within just three days of first giving our glucosamine supplements to Lyo by adding it to his food, his limp was gone.


And, by the end of that first week, Lyo was back to his normal energetic and playful self.

Reporting to duty on the windowsill? Check.

Chasing after the laser pointer with reckless abandon? Check.

He was back to his old self, which for Lyo, means acting like a kitten.

And, as I soon learned, this kind of result from cats taking glucosamine is common. So, as special as Lyo is, he’s not the only cat who earned back the pep in his paws by taking a glucosamine supplement (not that he knew that’s what happened, but more on that in a moment).

Lyo on couch arm

Lyo monitoring the bird feeder from his perch ;)

As I began realizing just how widespread this problem was, I knew that I needed to create a glucosamine supplement that other owners could use to help their kitties feel better.

So I carefully created a liquid glucosamine-chondroitin supplement based on medical and veterinary studies.

Aside from the glucosamine, this supplement contains a variety of other powerful ingredients that will help keep your furry friend in tip-top shape even as he or she gets older.

Shop Liquid Glucosamine for Cats

Put the bounce back in their pounce! Family with cat and liquid glucosamine for cats. Put the bounce back in their pounce!

What's in Our Cat Glucosamine Supplement?

Paramount Pet Health Liquid Glucosamine for Cats contains:

  • 260 mg of Glucosamine
  • 120 mg of Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM)
  • 100 mg of Taurine
  • 50 mg of Chondroitin

Like I said, I wanted it to be a complete supplement for cat owners, not just one of many you’d have to administer in order to immediately improve their joint health and mobility.

What do the rest of the ingredients in our cat glucosamine supplement do?

To make sure that our glucosamine supplement for cats would go above and beyond in terms of helping our little guys feel their best I added three more powerful ingredients.

Here they are and, more importantly, what they do to help your cat:

  • Chondroitin: We know that chondroitin is necessary for synthesizing glycosaminoglycans, which produces one of the main components of cartilage. However, chondroitin may also serve a more important role by actually neutralizing or even reversing destruction in the joints. Chondroitin helps cartilage retain water, too, which is vital to its performance. Since chondroitin is another substance that occurs less naturally cats' bodies as they get older, I knew I wanted it in our supplement.
  • Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM): This organic form of oxidized sulfur is great for your cat’s skin, fur, bones, and, of course, cartilage. Its role in defending against the signs of aging is why sulfur is often referred to as the “miracle mineral.” I also included it because MSM is fantastic for helping your cat’s body absorb the important mix of glucosamine and chondroitin.
  • Taurine: An amino acid found in animal proteins, taurine is crucial to your cat's vision, digestion, and heart health. Signs that your cat isn’t getting enough taurine can be slow to develop, but symptoms could eventually include sight problems that become blindness and heart issues that can lead to death. Needless to say, then, I’m a huge proponent of using it as a supplement and have explored the benefits of taurine for cats at length.

But will my cat actually take this glucosamine supplement?

In a word, yes!

If your feline friend is anything like mine, they’re a tad bit of a picky eater.

That’s why I think one of the best parts of this supplement is that it’s so easy to mix with food.

After all, if your little guy or gal won’t eat it, all of those powerful ingredients won’t do a lot of good.

I’ve made sure that no matter how crafty your furry friend is, they’ll have no idea they’re actually supercharging their joints while enjoying their favorite food.

(Though I’m sure they’d be very appreciative to you if they knew!)

Lyo Begging for Glucosamine for Cats

Begging for his treats!

I did this by choosing a liquid formula, so there’s no need to crush up pills, pour powder on their food, or beg your cat to eat a chewable. The liquid formula also provides superior absorption compared to pills, chewables, and powdered glucosamine.

That’s the beauty of a liquid supplement. No matter the food, you can easily mix the supplement into it to ensure your cat gets the nutrients it needs!

Glucosamine for Cats Amazon Reviews

Purely on its own, the ease of giving this formula makes it a top supplement for cats.

Of course, I may be just a little bias

So, don’t take my word for it. Take the words of real customers who are 100% satisfied with the results they’ve seen. Here’s what these customers are saying about Paramount Pet Health Liquid Glucosamine for Cats on Amazon:

These kinds of reviews mean the world to me. Coming up with a formula to help my Lyo was enough, but it’s always incredible to hear from other owners whose cats are doing better because of our glucosamine supplement.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  She likes it! My picky kitty licks this stuff right out of the spoon. My 18 yo kitty no longer limps and seems to get around more comfortably.

-- Kathy A.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  My cat loves the flavor. I tried other products, and the cat did not want to eat his food.  

-- Lori R.

How's Lyo Now?

As for Lyo, well, as they say, the rest is history.

He’s back to his normal self, which means lots of shifts at his window-sill office, plenty of hours dedicated to figuring out the “laser-pointer problem”, and, of course, cuddling with me whenever he can find the time in his busy schedule.


And I figured it was only right that his handsome face adorns the packaging.

(Royalties paid in belly rubs)

Lyo Cat on Couch

Lyo loves his pillows!

Though I know he won’t be around forever, the product he inspired will be.  And this supplement – which will always carry his face – will continue to help other cats for years to come.

With the help of Paramount Pet Health Liquid Glucosamine for Cats added to his wet cat food every day, Lyo still has many years left to chirp on the windowsill, chase the laser pointer, and jump up on the couch with much less discomfort.

If you have a cat who has slowed a bit or is even limping, I know my special formula can help them, too.

As cat owners, it’s up to us to feed our feline companions what they need to stay spry and fleet footed.

There are many supplements out there, so do your research and choose only products that will support your furry friend’s dietary needs.

What I can tell you is that many Paramount Pet Health customers say they’ve seen results with this product. We have a pretty good feline your cat will love it, too!

To learn more about this product, or to purchase your own bottle, please check out our best seller, Glucosamine for Cats!

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