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Free Shipping on orders $50+ | SHOP →

Hi there, new friends from The BK Pets! 👋

We’re Paramount Pet Health, and we make science-backed liquid supplements
for your four-legged family members. (Tripods too. We don’t discriminate!)

Show me the good stuff

A Note from The BKPets

Y’all know that we only recommend products we actually trust, love, and use with our own pups. 🙌

Paramount Pet Health liquid supplements are on that short list — and they’re a small team of animal lovers, just like we are.

So together with Paramount Pet Health, we’re bringing you the BK Pets Bundle. This bundle includes 3 of Paramount’s most popular, powerful pup-plements at a very special BKPets price, just for you. You’re gonna love them. 💕

Much love and tell your pets we said hello,

- Bryce & Kenzie

Get the BK Pets Bundle for Full-Body Health & Support

The BKPets Bundle - Paramount Pet Health

$136.91 $99

Get all 3 for a savings of $37.91

The BK Pets Bundle combines our 3 most pup-ular liquid supplements for dogs. You can be sure you’re meeting your pooch’s daily nutritional needs, AND supporting their health long into the future. Your bundle includes:

  • Extra Strength Liquid Glucosamine for Dogs (32 fl. oz.) — Support your pet’s joints, mobility, and comfort with this potent blend of glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM in a chop-lickingly tasty, naturally beef-flavored liquid formula.
  • Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil for Dogs (16 fl. oz.) — Glossy coat, no dandruff, and fewer tufts of dog hair stuck to the couch? Sign us up! This molecularly distilled blend of oils from 4 deep-sea fish is packed with skin-supporting, heart-healthy EPA and DHA fatty acids.
  • Liquid Multivitamin for Dogs (32 fl. oz.) — A bit of both of the above — plus full-spectrum vitamin and mineral support, prebiotics and probiotics, and other natural nutrients. Did we mention it tastes like bacon?

Psst, a tip from our pets to yours:

When you introduce anything new into your pet’s diet, it’s a good idea to check with your vet first. We also recommend starting low n’ slow with each supplement in this bundle! Try introducing one new liquid supplement at a time, and halving the recommended dose on the bottle for a few days.

So far this is helping my little guy. He is not falling all the time now and is playing again...

- Judy W.

For the first time in quite awhile she is wanting to go on walks and play.

- Dannie N.

All-Natural, Human-Grade Ingredients
Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed
Made in the USA
Bottled in an FDA- and GMP-Compliance Facility