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What Can I Give My Dog for Pain?

Doggo. Furbaby. Floofer. Pupper. We’ll go ahead and guess that you’ve got a variety of names and nicknames for your dogs. Because your pups are just as much a part of the family as humans (and sometimes even more so… don’t tell Uncle Joe). You want to give your doggos the best: the best care, the best food, the best products that will keep them happy, healthy, and in top tail-wagging, tongue-blepping shape for years to come.  That’s why when your dog is in pain, you start looking for the best treatment. But what constitutes the “best”? What can you...

Feb 01, 2021 0 comments

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The Best Way to Give Your Pet Their Supplements: Pills and Chewables vs. Liquids

It’s one thing to have a cat or dog who’s a picky eater. It’s another when your little four-legged friend turns their nose up at the supplement you’re trying to give them to improve their health or even help them overcome a debilitating problem. Pets will latch onto completely inedible objects and refuse to let go... But heaven forbid your pet actually consumes the supplements they need for their sore joints, compromised immune system, or other critical health issue. *throws hands up in the air* They will literally fight you tooth and nail, even though you’re just trying to help. So,...

Oct 21, 2020 0 comments

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