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Glucosamine For Dogs

Glucosamine for Dogs

Looking for the best glucosamine for dogs? You've found it!

OK, we’ll admit we’re a little bit biased. But we’ve got more than a few good reasons to believe our Glucosamine for Dogs is the best glucosamine-chondroitin supplement your money can buy.

🧪 Our thoughtfully created pet supplements are built with ingredients backed by scientific research, veterinary experience, and our own pets’ success stories. Our supplements contain much more glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM than other liquids, chews, and powders.

🇺🇸 We manufacture all of our supplements right here in the U.S. So not only are you supporting the economy by buying from a small business — our products ship faster because they’re closer to you!

👋🏻 We’re a team of real people who love pets. We’re here to help you and your fur family when you need us. (And even when you don’t need us, we’re sharing cute photos and stories on Instagram @paramountpethealth or Facebook.)

🐾 Do you really need a fourth reason? Fine. Here’s the heartbreakingly adorable story behind why we started Paramount Pet Health.

Now then! You’re here to investigate your options when it comes to choosing glucosamine supplements.

Choose from 4 types of glucosamine-chondroitin supplements for dogs:

Liquid Glucosamine for Dogs

Liquid Glucosamine for Dogs

80% of our dog-owning customers use and love this formulation. Just starting out with glucosamine for dogs? This is for you.

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Glucosamine for Large Dogs

Liquid Glucosamine for Large Dogs

Big dogs need bigger quantities of active ingredients to support them! Instead of running out of product early, choose this version.

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Glucosamine for Small Dogs

Liquid Glucosamine for Small Dogs

Tailored to pups who weigh 5-20 pounds, this version of our glucosamine-chondroitin supplement can help keep your little buddy bouncing around.

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Vegetarian Glucosamine for Dogs

Vegetarian Glucosamine for Dogs

Ideal for dogs with food allergies, or other digestive issues, our vegetarian glucosamine for dogs is free of shellfish, beef, and pork.

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Not sure which to pick for your pup? Keep reading to learn more about each formulation, our ingredients, and the proper glucosamine dosage for dogs.

How Does Glucosamine for Dogs Work

Glucosamine supplements for dogs work pretty much the same way glucosamine for humans does! Your dog’s body naturally produces glucosamine, which in turn helps produce a substance called glycosaminoglycan — which helps create and repair cartilage and other tissues in the body.

But as dogs age, their bodies create less and less glucosamine… which means less glycosaminoglycan available to repair wear and tear in the joints. Major joints like the hips, shoulders, knees, and even the spine can become stiff and uncomfortable as pups gradually lose the cushioning cartilage between their bones.

Normal joint wear and tear, aging, and joint trauma in dogs can lead to arthritis (an inflammatory joint condition that your vet may diagnose). Signs of arthritis in dogs include stiffness, unwillingness to move or play, and limping — all of which are truly heartbreaking when you know your dog would give anything just to enjoy a game of fetch pain-free!

Luckily, there’s a simple way to improve your pet’s comfort and joint mobility. By giving a high-quality hip and joint supplement like glucosamine-chondroitin with MSM, you can give your dog the glucosamine they need to help repair and restore damaged cartilage.

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Active Ingredients in Our Hip and Joint Supplements for Dogs

After reviewing the scientific and veterinary research available, not to mention reading the experiences of loving dog owners all over the world, we’ve created a line of glucosamine supplements for dogs that balances three crucial ingredients for optimal joint support.

Not familiar with each ingredient? No problem. Keep reading for an easy-to-understand explanation of Paramount Pet Health glucosamine for dogs:


As mentioned above, dogs’ bodies naturally create glucosamine to support healthy, joint-cushioning cartilage. But as dogs age or get sick, their ability to produce their own glucosamine slows. Giving them pure glucosamine in an easy-to-dose liquid formula is a simple, stress-free way to give your dog the nutrients they need for improved joint health.

While you can get glucosamine from many different sources, the glucosamine in Paramount Pet Health Glucosamine for Dogs, Glucosamine for Large Dogs is derived from shellfish while our Glucosamine for Small Dogs is derived from corn. We also make a shellfish-free, pork-free, and beef-free version for sensitive or allergic dogs.


Chondroitin is another substance that the body creates on its own. It plays an important role in helping cartilage retain water, which gives joints a thicker cushion. Just like glucosamine, you can derive chondroitin from multiple natural sources. Our Paramount Pet Health Glucosamine for Dogs includes chondroitin derived from either cow or pig cartilage. But don’t worry! If you have a sensitive or allergic pup, the chondroitin in our Vegetarian Glucosamine for Dogs is free of common allergens.


Another ingredient that helps the body absorb the nutrients it needs from the glucosamine-chondroitin mix, MSM is a purified form of sulfur.

Liquid Glucosamine for Dogs — Our most popular formula

Don’t get us wrong: your dog is special.

But unless your pup is particularly big, particularly small, or particularly sensitive, chances are you don’t need to look further than our original Liquid Glucosamine for Dogs supplement.

Liquid Glucosamine for Dogs

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Liquid Glucosamine for Small Dogs

With lower levels of each active ingredient, our Liquid Glucosamine for Small Dogs is tailored for dogs weighing 5-20 pounds.

Liquid Glucosamine for Small Dogs

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Liquid Glucosamine for Large Dogs

Big pups have bigger joints — so we created a version of our liquid glucosamine-chondroitin supplement just for dogs weighing 50 pounds or more.

Liquid Glucosamine for Large Dogs

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Vegetarian Glucosamine for Dogs — Shellfish Free Formula

Looking for shellfish-free glucosamine for dogs? We’ll do you one better. Not only is Paramount Pet Health Vegetarian Glucosamine for Dogs not derived from shellfish, it’s 100% free of other animal-derived ingredients — making it ideal for allergic or sensitive dogs.

Vegetarian Glucosamine for Dogs

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