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Two cats sleeping on a couch

Grandma Had It Right — Rubber Gloves & Pet Hair

My grandma used to visit us every summer for six weeks.

As long as she was there, her all-beige wardrobe neatly laid out in the guest room adjoining my childhood bedroom, a few things were guaranteed to happen:

  • We would enjoy a nightly fresh fruit salad, served individually in lovely little blue-and-white bowls (Grandma always left bananas out of hers)
  • Lights you'd purposely left on would be mysteriously turned off, to save electricity
  • And a pair of yellow rubber Playtex gloves took up permanent residence by the sink.
Hand with yellow playtex glove on giving the rock out sign with fingers

I wanna talk about those gloves for a second...

Because they didn't just protect my grandma's hands (not to mention her sapphire ring, which I absolutely coveted in only the way that a kid can. Sparkly!!!).

Those same yellow rubber gloves are also AMAZING at picking up pet hair.


But it works.

Just rub your dry glove on any upholstered furniture to create static that loosens and gathers fur.

Or wet the glove first for heavy-duty fur annihilation.

You can even store your gloves under a couch cushion, and pull 'em out whenever things start getting hairy.

Cat laying on couch with dog behind waiting to jump up

You'll save roughly one hundred million dollars on lint roller sheets.

And it's sooooo satisfying.

The gloves I use are actually teal. Don't tell my grandma! Just kidding, she died in 2016.



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