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Space Ghost laying on pillows looking right at the camera with his hypnotic eyes

Solensia for Cats — The New Pet Arthritis Injection

Hi friends!

I took my Forever Boyfriend 😻 (Space Ghost) to the vet the other day, and mentioned that his limp has been getting worse. 😿

She suggested giving him an injection of Solensia —a newly released, FDA-approved monthly medication for osteoarthritis in cats and dogs. (The dog version is called Librela.)

And I was like, "Brb, let me read everything that's ever been published about Solensia injection for cats, including a very long article titled "Efficacy and Safety of an Anti-nerve Growth Factor Antibody (Frunevetmab) for the Treatment of Degenerative Joint Disease-Associated Chronic Pain in Cats: A Multisite Pilot Field Study."

Cat reading an article on a laptop computer about Solensia

I mean, if the TITLE is that long, you know it's gonna be a doozy.

Good thing she left me in the exam room for a full 30 minutes while she ran Space Ghost's blood tests. 🙃

Here are two fascinating things I learned about osteoarthritis from this ginormous article:

  • Osteothritis is considered a "degenerative joint disease" (DJD) (👈 OK, I knew this, but still think it's interesting. I assume Intervertebral Disc Disease, or IVDD, also falls under the DJD umbrella. So many acronymsssss.)

  • Degenerative joint disease pain is associated with an excess of nerve-growth factor (NGF)!!!

Now THAT is interesting. 👆

You'd think having more nerve-growth factor would be good, right?


NGF is involved in pain regulation. Got too much NGF? Then you've got pain.

Solensia (AKA Frunevetmab, a name they could have improved upon if anyone had bothered to try saying it out loud) is an anti-nerve-growth factor antibody.

It works by recognizing and binding to NGF in your pet's body. This prevents the pain signal from reaching the brain!

No brain, no pain, as I always say.

* I have never said this before.

Isn't that cool??

Solensia is a monthly injection that may take a while to start working. If it works for Space Ghost, he'll be limping less in 4-6 weeks. (You better believe you'll be hearing about that.)

Space Ghost laying down looking regal

So along with giving your pet their daily glucosamine (cat or dog) to support healthy, mobile joints — why not ask your vet about Solensia for cats or Librela for dogs?

Limp no more,


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