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The Benefits of Taurine for Cats


As the old saying goes, you are what you eat.


That goes for our feline friends, too.


Just like humans, diet can have a significant impact on a cat’s health.


Take it from me and my cat, Lyo. As he’s gotten older, I’ve put more effort (and research!) into what he needs nutritionally.


That’s when I first came upon taurine for cats, and a few other supplements, to help Lyo once again be his spry, fleet-footed self.


Feeding A Cat Taurine Outside


The Benefits of a Taurine Supplement for Cats


So, what’s taurine? What are taurine benefits? Where can I get it?


Keep reading. I’m about to share everything you need to know about taurine and getting fluffy back to fe(e)line fine.


What is Taurine?

Taurine is an essential amino acid found throughout the body, including the nervous system and muscles.


What Does Taurine Do for Cats?

Cats require a certain amount of taurine to support their vision, digestion, heart health, fetal development, and immune system.


Our feline friends can’t produce taurine by themselves, so they must eat food containing it.


Where Does Taurine Come From?

Taurine sources are almost exclusively in animal-based sources of protein, which makes sense since cats are carnivores. In fact, all cats are obligate carnivores meaning they require meat in their diet.


Think about it. In the wild, cats have the opportunity to prey on small animals like mice and birds. But as pets, cats don’t have much to prey on besides the can of food you provide them.


Fortunately, many sources of this important amino will not only provide taurine benefits to your fur friend but will also be in food he/she enjoys.

Taurine in Commercial Cat Food

All commercial cat foods contain taurine and are usually sufficient sources of it. However, keep an eye out for whether the first ingredient is grain or corn since increased dietary fiber can decrease absorption of taurine.


Homemade Cat Food 

If you’re making homemade food for your cat, you must be careful to use ingredients with sufficient taurine for cats.

What are some good taurine sources? Red meats and poultry (in particular organ meat like liver and heart) are good sources of taurine. Eggs and dairy are also a good source of protein. Believe it or not, shellfish, such as shrimp and clams, are some of the best sources of taurine and would be the better of the taurine source options to choose from.

Taurine in Commercial Cat Food


Commercial Taurine Supplements

If you are concerned that your feline friend is not getting a large enough taurine dosage, using commercial taurine supplements is a good option. If you choose the supplement route, your cat should receive 1000 mg of taurine a day.

Keep in mind, supplementing your cat’s taurine will not hurt him even if he is receiving a sufficient dosage in his diet already. However, as with any big dietary decision, you should consult a veterinarian on the dosage.


The Case for Liquid Supplements that Contain Taurine for Cats

Commercial processing can affect taurine levels in food, and increased dietary fiber can decrease its absorption. Cat foods that contain high-quality animal-based protein will supply your cat with enough taurine. However, as shared above, not all cat food is created equal and some just won’t get your cat the taurine he or she needs.


That’s the beauty of a liquid supplement that contains taurine. No matter the food, you can easily mix the supplement into the food to ensure your cat gets the nutrients it needs!


Getting the Right Liquid Supplements 

As the founder of Paramount Pet Health, I researched the potential effects of taurine for cats while creating our Cat Glucosamine to help Lyo get back to his old self.


As I shared in this article about my cat, Lyo, the reason I began searching was that Lyo, 10-years-old at the time, stopped jumping in the window, and when he did jump up, he would then start limping after jumping down. He also stopped running through the house after his favorite toy, his laser pointer, and instead just walked after it.


Within three days of adding our Glucosamine to his food, he was no longer limping around the house. And by the end of the first week, Lyo was regularly jumping up in the window again and again, and also chasing the laser pointer around our house at lightning speed!


After witnessing these results, I carefully created a liquid supplement, based on medical and veterinary studies, that contains not only taurine but a variety of other ingredients to help your aging furry friend stay in tip-top shape. Paramount Pet Health Liquid Glucosamine for Cats also contains 260 mg Glucosamine, 50 mg of Chondroitin, and 120 mg of MSM to soothe inflammation and help relieve arthritis, making it a good health supplement for your aging cat.


Shop Liquid Glucosamine for Cats with Taurine


Liquid Glucosamine for Cats With Taurine


So, what does each ingredient do?


  • Glucosamine: A naturally occurring compound found in cartilage. Due to age or illness, your cat may not be able to create enough glucosamine to support healthy cartilage on his or her own.

  • Chondroitin: Another substance that occurs naturally in the body, Chondroitin helps cartilage retain water.

  • Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM): A purified form of sulfur that helps your cat’s body absorb the glucosamine-chondroitin mix.


The best part is that our supplement is easy to mix with food, which means no matter how crafty your furry friend is, they won’t be able to wiggle out of taking this supplement. That alone makes it a top supplement for cats in our eyes.


The liquid formula also provides superior absorption compared to pills, chewables, and taurine powder, making it a must buy if you’re adding it to your cat’s food, instead of administering it directly.


The Bottom Line on Taurine for Cats

Through and through, cats are carnivores.


In the wild, a cat’s prey is mice and birds.


As a pet, a cat’s prey is the food you provide.


So, as cat owners, it’s up to us to feed our feline companions what they need to stay spry and fleet-footed.


There are many types of cat food. Make sure to do your research on ingredients and choose foods that will support your furry friend’s dietary needs.


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