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3 Important Dog Hip and Joint Supplement Ingredients — White and black dog jumping in the air

3 Important Dog Hip and Joint Supplement Ingredients

It starts ever so subtly…

At first, your dog hesitates for a split second when it’s time for a walk.

A few weeks later, you notice he’s limping a little.

How long has this been going on?

First: Don’t beat yourself up for not noticing. Dogs (and cats, too) are great at hiding their discomfort. Anything to avoid a vet visit, right?

Next: Take action. Limping and lameness can be signs of the onset of bone and joint problems. The more you do to support your dog now, the better his quality of life will be in the future.

What’s happening in my dog’s joints?

As dogs grow older, the cartilage between their bones wears away. This can allow bones to get uncomfortably close or even rub together — which can cause pain and inflammation.

Luckily, the natural substances in healthy joints can be replenished with the right pet supplements, including glucosamine.

Today, we’ll cover:

What Are Glucosamine Supplements for Dogs?

Glucosamine is a vital component of connective tissue, especially the cartilage around the joints. It’s widely used to treat bone and joint pain, and can help the body support worn-out tissue.

Along with pure glucosamine itself, our Hip & Joint Supplements for Dogs are packed with potent ingredients (backed by scientific research, natch) that support arthritic and inflamed joints.

Paramount Pet Health Liquid Glucosamine for Dogs

Important Features of Glucosamine for Dogs

  • Contains glucosamine, methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), and chondroitin to support bones and joints
  • Manufactured in America in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)-certified facilities
  • Comes in four versions suitable for small, medium, large, and vegetarian (or sensitive-stomached) dogs
  • Comes in liquid form that’s easy to dispense, even to picky pups
  • Contains all-natural supporting ingredients to avoid triggering allergies

Why Should You Buy Glucosamine for Dogs?

  • Made by pet lovers for pet lovers. It’s our goal to help your furry friends move with ease and joy.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed. Get your money back if you’re not happy with us after your first bottle. No questions asked.
  • Veterinarian-recommended, FDA- and GMP-compliant. We take your dog’s health seriously.

Try a Paramount Pet Health glucosamine supplement to put the pep back into your pup’s step.

Benefits of Glucosamine Supplementation for Dogs

1. Slows Down Osteoarthritis and Arthritis

Arthritis and osteoarthritis are common conditions that affect cartilage around the joints. The disease usually occurs in dogs’ hips, and can cause pain, stiffness, and limping.

Our supplement contains active, research-backed ingredients commonly used to treat these issues.

Glucosamine, the primary active ingredient, is a natural component of healthy cartilage. Getting extra from supplements helps pets maintain this protective layer between bones.

Our formula also includes chondroitin, another element of healthy cartilage, which slows the progression of these diseases by inhibiting destructive enzymes in joint fluid.

2. Eases Joint Pain and Stiffness

Our supplements ease pain and stiffness from worn-down joints.

Glucosamine is the main actor. By supporting the health of your dog’s cartilage, it can keep bones from rubbing against each other (which can be super painful for your pup).

Our glucosamine supplement for dogs also includes methylsulfonylmethane (MSM for short), which reduces inflammation and blocks the pain response in nerve fibers.

3. Supports Lifelong Joint Health

Even if your pet doesn’t end up suffering from arthritis after 10 long years of friendship, their joints will wear thin. Jumping, playing fetch, and running around the house seeing what you’re going to do next isn’t easy on the body, after all.

Glucosamine and chondroitin keep your dog’s joints healthy throughout their life, especially when you start supplementing before your pup exhibits any signs of arthritis.

3 Common Features of Glucosamine Supplements for Dogs

Finding a high-quality supplement is a struggle. Even when you know what to look for, it can seem like every supplement contains allergens or lacks the right balance of therapeutic ingredients. Not to mention, getting an animal to swallow a tablet or eat a powder ranks near “Solve world hunger” on the difficulty scale.

We get it. That’s why we created a trustworthy product to solve each of these problems. Here’s what you can expect from us:

1. Quality Active Ingredients

We’ve spent years reviewing veterinary research and listening to pet owners to create a well-balanced supplement that supports joint and bone health. It contains:

  • Glucosamine — a natural element of joint-protective cartilage, derived from corn (in the case of our Vegetarian version) or shellfish
  • Chondroitin — another naturally occurring substance, derived from cow and pig cartilage, that helps maintain joint lubrication and cushion
  • MSM — a form of purified sulfur that helps the body absorb nutrients and relieve pain

2. Easy Dosage

Unless you’re one of the lucky pet owners whose dogs will gobble up anything in their path, you probably dread the moment of having to give a capsule to their pet.

But not with Paramount liquid supplements. Just pour your pup’s daily dose into their water bowl (or add it to a meal or snack!) and you’re good to go.

Choose the formulation that works for your dog based on their weight:

Dog watching the owner pour Paramount Pet Health Liquid Glucosamine into dog's bowl of food

3. Healthy Inactive Ingredients

Soy, gluten, sugar, and wheat are common allergens that render many glucosamine products unusable.

That’s why our blend uses safe inactive ingredients instead. The list includes citric acid, pure aloe vera, purified water, food preservatives, vegetable glycerin, and a dash of stevia for sweetness.

That’s it!

Product Prices

Comparing us with alternatives? Here, we’ll make it easy for you:

 Product Price Product Image
Glucosamine for Small Dogs
(2 fl oz)
Paramount Pet Health Glucosamine for Small Dogs
Glucosamine for Large Dogs (32 fl oz) $69.97
Paramount Pet Health Glucosamine for Large Dogs

Glucosamine for Dogs (32 fl oz)

Paramount Pet Health Glucosamine for Dogs
Vegetarian Glucosamine for Dogs (32 fl oz) $43.97
Paramount Pet Health Vegetarian Glucosamine for Dogs

Owners on Glucosamine Supplements for Dogs

We developed our supplements after numerous discussions with vets and pet owners. Hundreds of unedited reviewers have shared these insights:

  • Supplementing with glucosamine helps their pets
  • Positive results are quick and noticeable
  • It’s suitable for pets with various food allergies
  • Most dogs like the taste

Actually, we’ll let them tell you in their own words:

“So far, this is helping my little guy. He is not falling all the time now and is playing again.” Judy W., United States

“I have used this product for my Yorkie Poo for years now. The quality of her life has improved tremendously!” Sara S., United States

“Needed a joint supplement for my 9-year-old lab with various food allergies. This product is great.” Cheryl H., United States

“I can’t comment on how it tastes, but my dog doesn’t turn up her nose at this one like she has other brands.” Maegan B., United States

“After a month, both my dogs are doing very well. Very pleased with the product.” Cris, United States

Can I Give My Dog Glucosamine Supplements Made for Humans?

NO! While both humans and canines both have glucosamine in their cartilage and require external aid if it starts to thin, there’s a BIG difference in formulations between supplements for people and supplements for dogs.

Many products for humans contain xylitol, a sweetener that’s extremely dangerous to animals.

To be extra safe, chat with your veterinarian before changing anything in your dog’s routine (including diet and supplements).

What Are the Side Effects of Glucosamine for Dogs?

Our supplement cuts out potentially dangerous ingredients and additives, so your dog gets the relief they need without risking harm.

However, it’s possible for your pup to experience side effects, especially when first starting glucosamine. You may see:

  • Increased thirst
  • Frequent urination
  • Sleep issues
  • Occasional diarrhea

If and when these symptoms appear, they’re usually mild, and should go away after several days of careful dosing.

What Foods Contain Glucosamine?

Natural food sources of glucosamine include:

  • Shrimp, crab, lobster
  • Bone marrow
  • Some forms of fungi

Alternatives to Glucosamine for Dogs

Glucosamine can be useful even as early prevention for joint inflammation. You might also consider trying these two general health boosters from Paramount:

Dog looking happy in the yard with two people in background smiling

Here’s to Your Pet’s Long, Happy, Healthy Life!

Whether you’re exploring ideas for proactive puppy supplementation, or searching for something to support your arthritic senior pup, Liquid Glucosamine for Dogs can help.

Your order is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. You and your pup will love it — or get your money back.

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