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Gray cat looking up with black background

Practical Ways to Support Your Arthritic Kitty

Lianna here. Earlier today, a mobile vet came to my house and did unspeakable things to one of my cats' butts. (Don't worry, he needed it, and he's fine.)

Anyhoo, the entire time Smoky was getting probed, my elderly cat Space Ghost was shuffling around, looking for attention.

Space Ghost is 14, and definitely has arthritis. (He's also beat GI lymphoma and a thyroid tumor! He's a little bony miracle.)

Here's my guy:

Space Ghost laying down getting petted by a human

Watching him sniff the vets' shoes (they came from outside! So exciting!) made me think about all the ways I've learned to support Space Ghost's sore little joints.

From creating low-to-the-ground spots for him to enjoy, to offering him a heating pad where he can relax and warm up, to putting the ottoman close to the couch so he can jump up one step at a time... I've adjusted my home to work for him.

Want to learn more about practical ways to improve your arthritic kitty's quality of life? Check out this article.

Lianna 💙

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